Sustainable Consumption and Production

Handbook of Sustainable Engineering, 2013

Handbook of Sustainable Engineering, 2013

Dorothy Maxwell has written the chapter on Sustainable Consumption

Cleaner Production

Functional and Systems Aspects of the Sustainable Product & Service Development Approach for Industry”
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Developing Sustainable Products and Services
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Environment and Sustainable Development

Enabling Sustainable Development through Sustainable Consumption and Production
Maxwell, D., and Sheate, W. (2006)

International Journal of Sustainable Development, 2006, 10.1504/IJESD.2006.010894 & 11th International Sustainable Development Research conference, Helsinki, 6-8 June 2005

Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products and Services in Industry – New innovations in business models using Product Service Systems
Maxwell, D., van der Vorst, R. and Sheate, W., 2004, Products Service Design Network (SusProNet) 3 & 4 June 2004, Belgium