Resource & Environmental Management

State of the Apparel Sector Water Special Report

2015: Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel (GLASA) State of the Apparel Sector Water Special Report

This milestone report assesses the human, environmental and business case for accelerating water management improvements in the apparel sector in light of an increasingly water constrained world. It describes what these challenges mean for the industry, and what practices – technological, financial, policy, advocacy and collaborative – are currently underway to reduce the water footprint of apparel and textiles. Following the GLASA symposium on August 27 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden in conjunction with World Water Week and an open consultation process, the final report is now available to download

European Commission

2015: European Commission: Green Growth & Circular Economy

Circular economy toolkit supports to the EU Circular Economy programme.

Addressing the Rebound Effect

2011: European Commission Addressing the Rebound Effect

GVSS led this milestone project for DG Environment to establish the facts and solutions for addressing rebound effects in energy and wider resource efficiency policies. We analysed the evidence base and worked with international experts bringing them together in a stakeholder workshop.

EU Waste Legislation for Green Growth

2012: European Commission: Implementing EU Waste Legislation for Green Growth

GVSS worked with partners Bio Intelligence Services, Umweltbundesamt and EcoLogic Institute on this project which supports DG Environment EU waste policy. The project presents the economic, financial and social benefits for Member States for best practice implementation and enforcement of EU waste policy.

Towards Sustainable Production in SMEs


2011: European Commission: Towards Sustainable Production in SMEs – The Role of EMS and European Parliament conference

For DG Enterprise and Industry, Dorothy Maxwell was a member of the EU expert group of this BEST (benchmarking) project for sustainable responsible business on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in SMEs.

Enterprise Ireland: Enviro Centre


2011: Enterprise Ireland: Enviro Centre

One stop shop of online environmental supports for Irish business and industry

Carbon Connect - Driving Demand for Low Carbon Technologies

2011: Carbon Connect – Driving Demand for Low Carbon Technologies

Dr. Dorothy Maxwell was an Expert Witness at the Carbon Connect UK House of Lords Inquiry which focused on creating the conditions to drive demand-led approaches to commercialising low carbon technologies.