NEW ISO 14008 Standard on Monetary Valuation and Environment

By Dorothy Maxwell
Friday 22 February 2019

ISO 14008 (2019) – Monetary valuation of environmental impacts from emissions and use of natural resources

A new ISO standard on Monetary valuation of environmental impacts and aspects has been published in 2019. This provides clarity on common terms, principles and a framework for valuation that can be used in both policy and business applications. While monetary valuation can be a controversial subject, the standard provides a valuable guideline for an oranisation to understand its impacts and dependences on nature in a financial context. This makes the standard a valuable addition to the sustainable business as well as policy toolkit.

SIS, Swedish Standards Institute are convening the Working Group for ISO14008 (WG7 – ISO 14008) and over 30 countries participated dring 2016-2019 to develop the standard. Dr. Dorothy Maxwell participated as a UK expert for the British Standards Institute delegation. 

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