Dorothy Maxwell – Corporate Eco Forum EcoInnovator

By Dorothy Maxwell
Monday 18 May 2015

I was honoured to be this month’s Corporate Eco Forum (CEF) EcoInnovator. This is an excellent blog series where CEF invite guest authors to highlight key sustainability issues relevant to business. Based on my new book Valuing Natural Capital, Future Proofing Business and Finance (DoSustainability, April, 2015), I highlight the urgent business case for managing natural capital risk in corporations and financial institutions. Practical case examples illustrate the theory with practice.

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More information on CEF

CEF is a US based invitation-only membership organization for large companies that demonstrate a serious commitment to sustainability as a business strategy issue. CEF’s mission is to help accelerate sustainable business innovation by creating the best neutral space for senior business leaders to strategize and exchange best-practice insights. Members represent C-suite executives from 18 industries and have combined revenues exceeding $3 trillion.